The “perfect” moment

What on earth did woman do before pintrest? Read this article. Brilliant!

“When you share life with other people, compromises have to be made. Things get messy. Plans go awry. And just like in marriage, you kinda have to get over yourself in order to survive. What was true before Pinterest will be true long after Pinterest gets destroyed by a tsunami cease and desist orders: The myth of the perfect wedding day is just one more story we tell ourselves to maintain the illusion of control. No amount of pinning or planning will guarantee the perfect wedding, the perfect body, the perfect baby, the perfect home, the perfect life. If I could do it all over again, my wedding would be just as imperfect the second time around…even if, by the grace of God, it included melted cheese. Try as we may, we don’t get to custom-build our happiest moments. Instead, they sneak up on us. They show up, ready or not, in everyday acts of love and grace—a lazy summer night with all the windows open and the fans blowing, a love note on a post-it stuck to the mirror, an unloaded dishwasher, the smell of home after a long road trip, forgiveness, perseverance, chocolate-chip pancakes, a finished project, a shared history, laughing until you pee in your pants a little, that hug that feels like the safest place in the world. It is in these unplanned moments that my boring, traditional wedding and my boring, traditional wedding vows don’t seem so boring after all. For better or worse… For richer or poorer….In sickness and in health… Is there anything more spectacular than that? “

What life looks like on social media.

Actual Real life

One thought on “The “perfect” moment

  1. The Perfect Moment: Antico’s pizza, 15 stories high, one diet coke & and a birds eye view of the night city.

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