Roxanne & a red-dress.

This girl right here, has made this year whole

Giving to the world fourteen puppies.

Always wanting to go with me everywhere, even to Atlanta on a work morning despite her car-sickness.

Giving me the constant head nudge, paw on my lap and licks on my face.

A much needed constant in a time of major changes, many of which not wanted.

Reminding me why freedom, running unrestrained without collar or leash is what I am all about.

Letting me know when she’s pissed when I’ve been gone for too long.

Always vocalizing her hurt, frustration and anger and over-the-top-love when I come “home” wherever that is at the moment.

Freakishly sensing my emmotions or nerves or sadness and responding accordingly.

Showing me that the only thing that ever matters in life is relationship and love. Not efficiency, jobs or time-schedules. Read about this here

Teaching me the greatest lesson of 2011-2012… life is really all about snuggling with those you love.

I Hope God Thinks Like That

There is a dog I sometimes take for a walk

and turn lose in a


When I can’t give her that freedom,

I feel  in debt.

I hope God thinks like that and

is keeping track of all

the bliss He

owes me.

-Rabiya al Basri

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