Barriers to birds (quite literally)

Yesterday, we left the office at 11:33pm. I was so ready to get home and get a goodnight sleep before I had to be back here in the morning. Have I mentioned I haven’t seen my dog, my bestfriends or my boyfriend in a long while? Okay, that doesn’t do good things for a girls heart. Yesterday as we were walking down the stairs, my coworker showed me a picture of her yorkie and said, “I’m going home to see this baby.” I was driving an hour to go home to no dogs and no man that I loved. It’s hard, ya know?

So, somehow I exited the parking deck on a closed exit. It let me go through the wooden gate but then the metal wall didn’t lift. In that moment the wooden gate  represented much more to me then it should. I threw my car into reverse and smashed the wooden gate.


my athens roomate, Irby, texted me this morning, “I cannot get the mental image of you breaking the wooden parking divider out of my head. I laugh everytime. They should learn this time, you can’t put birds in cages, love you tori.

Barriers to birds


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