My other mother

This is alittle picture of my wonderful Aunt Jan who took me in Atlanta and is now a surrogate mother not only to me but my neurotic dog. Jan has always been one of my other mother’s throught out my life, always providing me and my cousins hours of adventures and laughs, wisdom and encouragement and financial blessings. She is an AP Psychology teacher and I am  not joking in anyway when I say that a week ago two of her students tattooed her name on their behinds. I don’t understand that whatsoever, but it shows you how well loved this lady is not only by my family but her students.


Senior skip day!!!!! yea!!!!! No students in 2nd and only 2 students in 3rd.  Life is sweet.  I was worried about taking Roxie out without a collar, but she did fine.  I took her out on two different occasions and she didn’t go on her Austrialian “walkabout” either time.  In fact, she was the first to go inside the door.  Using my wonderful psychology knowledge of operant conditioning, I always give her chicken when we go inside.  Apparently, positive reinforcement is working well with her.  She is associating “returning to house with deli breast meat”.  My feelings are still hurt. I am going to video tape her when you are not around.  She knocks my hand with her head fifty times a day because she wants more loving.  I stink at school because she is always trying to put her head on my chest.  Yet, the moment you walk in the door, she treats me like a complete stranger.  No, I wasn’t with her in the dark, musky crawl space when she delivered 14 puppies.  I also wasn’t there when you rescued her from certain death.  Of course, I didn’t sacrifice law school and graduate school to tend to the dog’s needs.  Yet, is it asking too much for her to jump off the bed to eat more turkey breast?   The greatest salt in the wound was when she growled at me last night.  I have a fragile ego.  It didn’t help that you tried to spare my feelings by telling me it was because I looked like a man.  My gosh Katie!!!!!  I am going to have to go to therapy for years between you and your dog.. . . . . Just joking!!!!!!!!! Do you have any idea how much you are loved?  Today is the first day that I have felt like myself.  I wonder if it because the ap test is over or could I be bipolar?  I may try to find a doctor to give me a prescription for lithium or some other mood stabler to see if it helps.  Ok, I am joking.   I am excited about the prospect of you going to Oxford.  I also think you would be an excellent therapist.  I wish I was young and intelligent with so many possibilities.  Bell rang!  Have a great day!  Jan

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