On my way to work

Truth: I sometimes shave on my way to work & keep all my cosmetics in my car (including razor, deodorant,  finger-nail-clippers & tweezers). You can’t be caught in a cute-corduroy-skirt with nasty legs, no sir-e.

Confession: I commute to work with my mirror down & pass the time by looking at myself. Vanity is destructive. Confidence is a blessing. I ride a dangerous line.

Sad story: I changed my radio pre-set today from 104.7 The Fish to Country Radio. Why are lovers of Jesus known to be bad artists? That’s lame considering we believe He made the world. I also love to listen to NPR & The Bert Show.

Strange: This pictures makes me want to keep my hair light brown because it appears golden, but I probably about to return to my dark-brown-bad-ass hair from January. Thoughts?

Truth:  My new bangs are screaming for me to re-pierce my nose.

Fun fact: Today the guy whose been serving my lunch for a month now, introduced himself and admitted he knew how long I’d been working here. This was a cute- kind-older man moment, not a “o shoot, I’m being hit on” moment (I think). He gave me a free oatmeal raisin cookie (even though I told him I gave up flour). Yum.

Truth: There is no substitute for being plain-ol nice & greeting people with a warm smile. Every year our receptionist in the lobby are voted, “best greeters in Atlanta.” I really do feel loved & honored every day I go to work.  I am  praying to become better about this & be more vulnerable with people in places like elevators.

Exciting: I am working on editing some of my blog-post to submit to RelevantMagazine.com and you can too here

Life plans: Today for the first time ever I considered what a career in journalism would look like & then I ran into a girl whose boyfriend is an editor for the Red&Black. Coincidence? I change my mind on “what I want to be when I grow up” every day.

New things learned: Not only have I begun to learn the inner-workings of Excel spreadsheets this month (woohoo) I’ve also finally joined the times & know how to embed hyperlinks & videos to my blog, and have been doing so in excess. Sorry ’bout that.

9 thoughts on “On my way to work

  1. Rachel, YES! I’ve heard that station & its better than most, except its pretty staticky on the South Side. I want to repierce ( and actually tried myself in my bathroom in a fit of impatience) but you cant put in the clear-stud initially, and then I’m stuck with a big metal stud in the office:( We will think of something! Can’t wait to see your tat:)

  2. Truth: I love you hair AND bangs. I tried to do bangs once… I failed.
    Confession: When I am not on an audit all of the same “vital tools” are in my car 🙂
    Strange: I think our hair color is closer to each other’s now than it has ever been since you were 4.

  3. Jessie!! Good, glad you love them, you’ll be enjoying them in Vegas in two weeks!!! Yes, vital tools are just that… vital. Wow, were twins after all! it’s like i am back in 4th grade

  4. Truth: You can be anyone of the things you decide to be, everyday.
    Sad story: I learned more about my girlfriends day through her blog than I do through the phone #Howwasyourdayworstquestionever
    Strange: My dad has been buying Wrist Rockets (slingshots) to prepare for the apocalypse.
    Exciting: I will see you tomorrow!

  5. this one is one of your most fun posts. i love it. i laughed the whole time. youre a beautifully fun explosion.

  6. i had a goal that was unfulfilled this semester- that was also to submit something to Relevant Magazine; however, it’s never too late!!!

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