Draft Box

Many of you may know I am the absolute worst at responding to my text messages. First reason being, I get distracted so easy. Judge (my BF) can testify that I can hardly focus in a legit face to face conversation, let alone a conversation that requires intricate spelling on a technological device. If there are other things going on around me in the physical, it will 100% always distract me from a conversation taking place across space & time. Don’t believe me? I am so easily distractable, that I  had to lock myself in my bathroom & sit in my bathtub to do any homework or  papers for school. Freshmen year when I didn’t have access to a bathtub, I’d drive the forty-five minutes to sit in my grandparents. Senior year, when I didn’t have a bathtub, I just kinda failed educationally (whoopsie, I was in love!). This practice has been going on since I was in middle school, people!

So, my draft box is a hilarious conglomeration of half sentences, almost-thoughts, almost encouragements, almost-responses. I promise I do always respond in my head & half the time when I don’t text back it’s not because I didn’t really really appreciate your text message.

The other reason I am so bad at texting back, is because I am the scrap booking, blogging, keep- memento- type, who locks every sweet text message that comes my way. Uh, yall, I’ve been dating a guy now for a year & a half, and yeah I still have a text he sent me October 28th at 5:40 P.M and I refuse to delete it.

This means every time I get a text message I have to delete atleast one saved text message not just from  Judge, but from all my other wonderful friends. Problem.

So, yeah it’s time for me to upgrade to a smart-phone but my phone is a living testament to the existence of God. I have dropped  it in an ocean, in a river, on top of my car as it went down a mountain & many other crazy places. It’s been dropped countless times, shows the visible signs of being gnawed on by my puppy & almost a quarter of the paint has rubbed away. This is still the only camera I use, so it’s near and dear to my heart. I believe any more advanced piece of technology will probably break when I drop it into the ocean/mountain ledge/shower/toilet. So, I hold on to the damn thing, to my detriment.

For all these reasons & more, my draft box has become a bit infamous. Now the word “draft-box” has become synonymous with any thought thats half thought, or any incomplete fragment of creativity. I recently discovered (much to my glee!) that my WordPress has  a draft-box and many times when I’ve grown frustrated, distracted or too busy to finish a post, when I thought I tossed it into the dark iternet abyss never to be seen again, I was so wrong! WordPress has been keeping these gems safe for me. These will be completed and coming to you, my 10 or so faithful-readers very soon.

2 thoughts on “Draft Box

  1. I do have a smartphone- but every single text message (and draft) that has been sent and received on my phone since November 8th, 2011 is still in there!!!

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