Introducing my little pikachu to the blog…

When my dog, Roxxy, was pregnant all the roommates sat around and took bets on how many pups were in her litter. Most guessed four to seven, no one imagined fourteen little ones inside of Mamma Rox. However, Judge being the odd-ball he is, insisted that we were going to have “one-magical-puppy.” He said it over and over again. When the little guys arrived November 25th, Jet (the puppy Judge chose right away) drastically stood out from all the other guys. At first, we called him “butt-ugly”  It’s not hard to see why… I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Judge insisted on picking out the dog who looked like a little mole-rat. Jet was the last puppy to open his eyes, the last to walk and the last to bark and his slow development always made him very vocal. When I had to wake up at 4 AM to feed the pups, it was always “butt-ugly” screaming for me.  Day by day, Judge faith & love transformed the odd-ball puppy into the beautiful german- shepherd- red- golden- retriever- like puppy we have today.  He is definitely set apart from his siblings, the only guy with long red hair and a short stout body.  Just this Sunday we had a couple approach us to ask what  breed Jet is because they want to get one just like him, because he’s the “most beautiful dog they’ve ever seen.”

He’s got quite the personality. When we take him to the dog-park he thinks he’s HUGE & chases the mastiffs and bulldogs. He is very moody, so at night he makes very loud groaning noises if you mess with him, but around 6 AM he hops in the bed ready to snuggle. Now, I am so happy Judge picked out the “one-magical puppy”

He is so freakin cute, my little ugly duckling turned prince.

5 thoughts on “My-late-bloomer

  1. I love my little boy with his floppy ears. cocker spaniel turned golden german! I believe it was your dad that gave him the name “butt ugly” over christmas. lol who’s butt ugly now!? I don’t know, but its not jet!

  2. haha, Matt, yes Jet is strangely similar to Judge in many ways, not to mention I often mix up their names by accident. Also, I linked your blog to my page “good reads” today, hope that’s cool since your a Stillpoint contributor now!!

  3. I can not believe that the puppy at the top is the same as the ugly thing that I saw at Christmas! Talk about ugly duckling to swan prince. haha. I can’t wait to see him again

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