Mi Familia

I was once told that if you have a good family, you win’s life lottery. As someone who participated in the mega-million lottery draw two weeks ago in an office-pool, I know the odds of winning a lottery are slim-to-none. I in no way  deserve the parents who created & raised me, I couldn’t have chosen better siblings to be my best friends, better aunts to support me through my first-steps of being an adult in Atlanta, better grandparents who love & pray for me hourly, better cousins to laugh & get in trouble with. My family is simply the gift God gave to me, by no effort of my own. Everyday now, I leave work and chill with my cousins & aunts. I don’t know anyone else in this new city, but honestly right now I am completely content with my biologicals. I don’t know why I am so blessed, but I sure am thankful. Being with my family feels like taking a nap with my eyes open. I really needed this weekend in Charleston to unwind and just be with the Bakers.And no one knows me better than my little sister. Being with my sister, Kristen, is effortless. I was stressing about finances, plans and timing and like always she simple calms me down, “Kat, it’ll be fine. God will work that out.” As a girl who’s never  known what she wanted to do with her life, as the hardest worker I know, as a girl who just simply loves despite everything, as a person whose has many commited covenant-friendships, as a girl who does most of the listening but little talking,  I can believe her words. Her simple words always mean the most to me.

Here’s to family also being your best friend.

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One thought on “Mi Familia

  1. …and your biological family has been family to so many other people. What blessings you all are! I, too, am overwhelmed by the good gifts God has given me in my family. There is nothing better than having relationships you don’t have to work too hard at keeping because you know they will always be there.

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