“The enemy is most afraid of God’s people dreaming. He is so afraid that you’d be at such a a place of rest that you would reflect God’s nature through your dreams. He’s terrified that the creator would create again, this time through you. It’s an amazing arrangement God has made in those who are made in his image… The four demonic powers in the last days are released in the earth (Zekariah), and God’s answer is to raise up four craftmans… what does he raise up? Four artist. Four creative thinking people and it releases the effect of their creativity of them in the earth. Why? The enemy wants to plunder us so we are reduced to a needs-only culture and not a dream culture. He doens’t mind your faith in God, he doesn’t mind you reading your Bible, going to church and tithing and doing all the stuff. He just doesn’t want Him to be known through you in practical ways in culture and soceity. He doesn’t want there to be anything to remain that testifies to the goodness of a Heavenly Father. Anxiety robs us of dreams, robs us of that place of wondering how God might want to use us, robs us of risks. He works to plunder the heart through fear, accusation, intimidation. When we think inconsistent with how God thinks about us its actually a partnership with the demonic realm to plunder our creativity and rob us from our capacity to dream. ” -Bill Johnson

Wow, glory! Boom. Ibetheltv is the best 10$ I ever spent.

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