You know what is the greatest and  never gets old? Building forts.

O my gosh, so many forts while growing up. It starts with pillows and cushions in your den and then you graduate to boxes in the basements, then you really conquer the world with forts made of branches in the woods, all alone.

Sipping indepedence in your primitive shelter. Those were the days.

Just in case you think that magical feeling dissipates because we now have our driver liscences, think again.

Today, I woke up early and I built a fort. See, my dog is about to have puppies and before she was living on our tall front porch due to my roomates serious dog-allergies.  Her prior living situation just wasn’t going to work out, or many blind & deaf puppies were going to be plummeting to their death.

So, I was racking my brain and praying for about two weeks, asking the Lord to provide a place for her to give birth. Finally, God reminded me of this cool secret door on the side of the Inglewood house, which leads to a nasty dusty crawl-space. However, after about three hours I have sectioned off a corner of this underground world as a really wonderfully creative fort for me, and a wonderful home for Roxy’s new family. What an answer to praery, that comes fit with a matress, a bamboo rug,  and shelves for all of her treats and grooming supplies. Voila.

Now, I’m done my nesting… and all the roomates are making bets on how many puppies she is having and how many days left she has on the nest.

I have watched more Youtube videos on dog-birth and whelping than is healthy and we are so ready to do this, bring life in the world!

God always uses lack. Gosh, it is our thing to turn junk into temples. I had the m0st wonderful time construcing this and making it homey. I knew once I hung a painting that this was no longer just Roxy’s space.

Some truely random thoughts from the underground:

-It’s funny that dogs grow boobs right before they are about to have babies, and humans have them all the time.

-I really enjoy studying for the LSAT. Arguing has always been fun for me. My middle child syndrom is starting to pay off for me.

-I love that when I don’t want to work, all I have to do is ask my boyfriend to cover my shift.

– I am always going to be happy and joyful, but I am doubtful that life will ever be as magical as when I lived in Oxford. I feel ‘ve been poisoned for life

-I am trying to learn to be a more honest person, tonight as I was working I realized some of my “exaggerations” have turned into lies. No good.

-My roomates, Irby, defines freedom in who she is and I know this now because the way she reads her poetry.

-I will always be a performer. I’ll always secretely want to be Dolly Parton.

-My Crossing friends and I go way back, and we are always going to be good friends forever.

– I am a cardigan and boots kinda girls, always.

– This was the peek day of fall, I really think we hit the peek today. Fall was brilliant as I drove Anne to class.

– My dog not only has one heartbeat right now, but like nine additional ones on top of that. thump on top of thump thump thump. I can’t even imagine that. I don’t think babies are right around the corner for me.

– Now that i’ve discovered that my greatest fear is boredom, I know that my biggest struggle in life is always getting my excitement from the Lord.

– I write rapid-fire while I drink tea.

– Dating someone for a year feels so entirely differnet from dating someone a month or even six months.

O no, it’s time to grow up. This fort is growing itchy.

Till next time.

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