More lessons from my dog

My sister Kristen can tell you about the absolute breakdown I had driving back from Atlanta listening to this song…

Heidi Baker would say I was, “undone.” I wept next to Kristen as I listened to this, thinking about God’s love. She thought I was crying about my missing dog, but I kept on trying to convince her that was not why I was balling.

My whole life I think I’ve understood God’s peace and joy, but I am just now starting to understand His love. What an amazing season of my life… I thought I understood His love for me, but not until Roxy ran away did everything start to click in my head.

He loves me, he loves me so much.

In the car driving through center-city ATL, he reminded me of a specific moment of college. He chased after me  in one of the darkest times as I was walking back from the SLC to my empty dorm room after a night of studying. Suddenly,  I felt a warm hand on my back. I turned around over and over, and there was no one there in the physical. I dropped my backpack and placed my hands on my back. It took me a second to put it together, that the King of the Universe placed his hands on me. That doesn’t always make complete sense.  He was chasing me down. He was with me, in my darkest hour. He was there and all the sudden I started begging for Him to not stop. I wanted to feel His hands on me forever.

And as quick as I could feel the hand on my back, it was gone.  The feeling was gone that is, but I am sure His hand is still on me. His eyes are on the sparrow.

He chases us down, because He cares for us, because He delights in us.

He loves us. He loves me.

For some reason, that dog is making everything make sense.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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