Some people would not believe me, and I don’t blame them because of my history of extreme exaggeration, that Jessica & I haven’t been able to truely hang out since I returned home from Ocean Grove. This is hard to imagine because we not only share a room, but also the most comfortable bed ever. The other week, I went to Wesley on a Monday and we tried for twenty minutes to coordinate our schedule enough to have a blocked out night or afternoon or morning for eachother. We literally could not hammer out one free period to just be with one another. I work nights and she works mornings, I am off on Mondays and those are her busiest times… the conflicts are almost astounding.

Tonight, Jessica was dancing at Wesley & I wanted to go and see her perform so badly that I did all my outs right when I got into work and begged my manager to let me leave a bit earlier than usual. I got there right in time, to see the most important part of her dancing… which is her huge smile before she goes on stage. I was so proud of her.

Then, after Wesley we actually got to hang out for the second time since May. We went to Choo-Choo’s just me and her… no house to clean, nowhere to go, noone else to love on, no Roxy, no boyfriend, no disciplers, no other roomates. It was just me and her in Choo-Choo’s like so many other beautifully precious moments while we were  in college. When we see eachother, we just get so excited to tell one another eachother’s  stories and right in the middle of me spilling a story, The Killer’s song Human came on the radio. My story instantly stopped, and we both took a short-breath in SO excited that this song was playing LOUDLY in Choo-Choo’s and we danced.

We danced and we laughed and we danced some more in our booth, and  God infused us with memory,  grace, purity and joy from our four year friendship. So many wonderfully magical things rushed over us, and I would label it as one of the greatest moments of my 2011.  Some feelings that I thought might be lost forever, some feelings that I thought may dissepear.

Friendships change, and they must transform and shift and adapt to life circumstances. New jobs, new countries, new boyfriends, new areas of ministry… but in that moment of booth dancing in Choo-choo’s, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that the Lord will never let the joy of our friendship run out. Jessica and I will always click, always just go together, no matter where we are, who we are with or what we are doing.

To be friends blessed forever by the Lord of the Earth is a very special thing, a very special thing indeed.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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