I was just going to the Animal Shelter to visit with my coworker Sandy, I promise.  I knew I couldn’t adopt a dog because I have two room-mates who are deathly allergic. I was being sooo good and not getting overly attached, until I saw two sorority girls holding Roxy and they ofcourse, gave me the sob-story that  her brother and her were being put down that Wednesday, because their owner surrendered them as older dogs.

So, obviously I had to adopt her. I couldn’t help but bring Roxy to my house until I could find her a more permanent home. Three people signed up to take her in after I sent out a mass text. However, the two home homes I brought her to she ran away from almost immediately, which is strange considering she never leaves my side even without a leash on. First, she was lost for four days when I left her at my friend Sarah’s house to stay. After the shelter found her, we brought her to Atlanta to possibly have her stay at my Aunt Jill’s house. I put her to sleep that night on her bed, and went to  my bedroom and shut the door. The next morning she was gone.

As I searched in the woods for four hours with my sister, Kristen, screaming to her “Roxy, come back girl, I LOVE you”  I started weeping and not just because she was missing. In the wee hours of the morning, as I searched for her in the fog and would stop at nothing to find her… the Lord taught me so much about his chase after me and reminded me of tender times in my life when I had run away from him, and he gently brought me back to his arms by reminding me of his love and mercy by placing his hands on my back.

After I surrendered her to the Lord (“His eyes are on the sparrow, His eyes are on the sparrow”) and drove back to Athens for the night, I got a call from a wonderful elderly couple who had found her in the next county crying by their mailbox. They said she was howling so badly they thought she got hit, but she was just lost and scared and wanted to find me. She wanted to find me too!

Imagine the Lord’s joy when we finally decide we want Him back, that we want to find Him again too.

So, somehow I’ve adopted a dog who sleeps on my front porch in her Walmart-approved dog house. Kairo is her new spiritual name (like Paul or Israel), but she actually only responds to Roxy. Thanks in large part to her abusive prior-Chinese owner she had before, she has been branded with a prostitute’s name.  

 In the meantime, God is strangely using a dog to teach me so much about his love and his endless desire to pursue us when we run away. It’s so funny to see how the Lord uses such creative things to teach me so much about Himself.

All she ever wants to do is snuggle. She doesn’t want to run, fetch, come or do tricks. As Kairo cries outside every night to come in  to snuggle, I always end up caving and taking her to my friend’s apartment to sleep with her. If we cry out to the Lord that persistently and if we desire his presence as strongly as Kairo, he’ll have no choice but to take us in and hold us, right?

Welcome to Inglewood baby girl, whatever your name is.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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