Morning in Starbucks

 Time is so much more precious and well spent when you are on break from work. Judge had to begin his shift at 10:45 this morning and I begin at 11:30, which gives me 45 beautiful moments in Starbucks with the new employee of this establishment, Jessica Irby:)  It’s amazing how blissful and happy you are in your rest when you have work looming somewhere in the background. It makes you spend your time so much more wisely and efficiently. On my days off, I always end up waking up late and loafing around. I seem to live more life in my break from Bretts than on a whole 24 hour period where I don’t have to be there. What is that?

So, I’m a bartender and a waitress full time now. The funniest thing, is I have been growing in my knowledge of prayer and scripture at Bretts. It’s really funny that the Lord knew that that would happen, I take a book of the bible from my Gideon bible and put it in my pocket everyday and for some reason I feel like a secret hidden Christian in the underground church when I steal-away moments throughout the day to read it in the bathroom stall or at the front register. Also, I have learned so much about service to people while being a server. As strange as it sounds, you can tell how well you loved on someone by how big their tip is to you. Sometimes, tips construe your motivation and make you double-check why you are being sweet to someone. The number one to establish a connection and relationship with someone from week to week is to remember their order. It is so imperative for people to be remembered and loved. I remember people not by their names, but by what they order week to week. Every Tuesday night these three sweet sorority girls come in; one always orders the island chicken, one orders an asian chicken salad with nothing but the mushrooms and oranges with fat free vinegerette and the other always kids chicken tenders. They were so blessed that I remembered the specifics of their order, that showed them they were valued and memorable! Immediately they went up to Brett and told him that I was a good employee. In life, I can practice these skills when tips aren’t involved and people doubt your motivations. For instance, when people walk in the door at Brett’s I’ve learned not to ask them how they are doing in the beginning of our conversation because they perceive that as a formality, but I’ve learned to ask them how they are doing after they order. They are always so blown away that I care. Another old man named Mr. James ordered a large bowl of gumbo yesterday instead of his regular crispy tender salad. When I asked him why he switched his order, he got the largest old man grin on his face and said, “You remembered what I ordered a week ago?” Tips are a fun barometer to me about how much people feel cherished and taken care of. I love finding ways to talk with people about anything, and often Sandy makes fun of me about how awkwardly I strike up conversations with people.

In the strangest most unlikely way, God is teaching me a great deal of patience and servanthood, ” Let patience have its complete work so that you will be perfect and complete lacking nothing.” There is NO glory in being a waitress after college. The Lord is teaching me so much in the middle of this, and in the meantime I get to steal glances and fun notes from the kitchen boy in the back, Judge, who runs the hot-food out. It’s so fun that when I go into work, I get to go in with my best friend and not leave my love at home.

Thank you, Lord for life let me love on everyone so extraordinarily today. Open doors to people’s hearts, give me words and prayers for them Father. You are good. Visit me in my jail cell, invade my world!

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