Pandora’s Box

Sometimes, we trip and Pandoora’s Box of lies and sin rise up. We trip for a moment, and we sink under the water, as we forget to look into the goodness of Jesus’ face. We fall hard and fast, into emptiness. Then thee hand of grace and mercy find us, even amongst all the lies. Sometimes Christ’s hand looks like a late night Mexican dinner with your three best friends. Sometimes, the lies you believe shock your loved ones and they snap you out of it with Words of Truth and overwhelming prayers.

Sometimes Confessions and repentance take a kick and a cry. Somtimes watching a wounded lion makes you realize the gravity of your sin.

Always Christ stands. Always Jesus’ way are higher. Always, after you die to your self, the Prince of Peace can invade your life.

He is overwhelmingly good, enduring and steadfast in his Love. He closes the Pandoora’s box with awe and strength and wonder.

Jesus Christ is everything. Jesus Christ is love. Jesus Christ meshes people together. Jesus Christ is the center of my Joy. Without him I am nothing.

He is it. He is all that there is.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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