Our Story

We dwell together in our park – on the back row- listening to Regina and Blind Pilot and KT Tunstall

We bend down- we draw people together.

We write late into the night in bathtubs – we create spaces and people dynamics and light

We watch for the one not engaging in conversation, the one all alone in a crowded room.

We go to the groups we don’t belong to at first.

We karaoke and worship in a bar.

We sporadically plan. We vision. We think in poetry and pictures.

We live for other cultures and exotic lands. We pray for girls in prisons half way around the world.

We cry in Broadway shows. We dream of Turl Street. We linger after meals.

We push and demand answers. We must see and experience all truths.

We have many baskets of opportunities.

We need light.

We stay up way to late after caffeine.

We love and breath for community and people.

This is our story.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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