That black linnon dress holds her body – though one strap, at one important moment, broke. It is now fashioned back together. It might fall.

Her hair is soaked with salt and some chlorine. A few  more freckles appeared today on her leathery shoulders – her nose is, ofcourse, pink.

Chimes and chimes

wind upon wind

flash upon heat  flash

The wet strands adventure down her neckline and are electrically tossed by the gust – on her bare and excited skin.

Tingle upon tingle

Tide and tide

Sound upon mysterious sound.

That could be a bobcat or fawn or just the rising tidal creek. 

1 pinecone falls, she stares.

Inhale and exhale

blink and blink

smile upon smile

She peeks for resurrection – these pages confirm what she knew to be true. She will not leave this natural romance behind. She will sleep and arise again to find the magic of terram.

Dust to dust

flesh upon flesh

Spirit breathes spirit.

Now confirmed, her skin is singed with excitmenet as she listens to creation grown for the sons of God to be revealed, and in her deepest part she sees –

glory to glory

all in all

heaven upon earth

and she does bare her heart to the cosmos in this moment – as it echoes back and begs to be liberated from the sting, like she has been freed. When will His glory cover these waters and reign over all?


Ashes to ashes

Tear upon veil

rip and rip

The sheer wall between divine and human is like papyrus, and she believes, has been broken in a grave and will soon tear, rip, or now, in this moment, where the Spirit knocks and she finally stops to open the gate. The current of the storm whistles softly now. Yes, there are buzzing mosquitos, darkness and strained eyes.

Blood upon blood

Cycles leading to epithets

Bitterness to hate

But like th incessant buzzing now squashed in her hands – she smiles again. His is risen. She is risen  and the tide continues to rise.

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