Tonight is a night I desperately want to write, but don’t have anything specific to expound upon.  It must have been all the creative juices flowing from Brian’s acoustic jam session, but its put in me a great desire to create something. This is my piano. On top of that, I am waiting for my precious Jessica to maybe Skype me from India though I truely don’t have my hopes up all that high, they are (my hopes that is) just rearing there head a bit, so I linger. 5 days and counting =(

Being home has been a good lesson in patience, flexibility, servanthood and most of all discipline.

It took me awhile to remember that I love home. I love my family. I love the paradise that is Bucks County and Princeton and Philadelphia. More than anything in the world I love the people that the Holy Spirit has called my brothers and sisters at the Crossing; Allison, Leigh-Ellen, Jenny, Jordyne, April, Mary Kate, Joy, April, Julianna, Steve, Dan, Tim, Alex, Tom, Peter, Melanie, Melissa, Chrystal, Brian.  Dan Emas really captured everything I am saying on Thursday night much more eloquently, but I am going to run the risk of being redundant…


It was funny tonight a “new” guy whose been hanging out with us, Daniel, asked “So, like you guys have known eachother for a long time, huh?” That question just made me filled with joy first off, because he does (I hope) feel included despite this fact.  Most importantly it makes me satisfied that these people with whom I learned my first scriptures, did Children choir plays , Wacko Weekend Campfires, Ski trips of all times, endless Creations and so many Sundays and more imporantly the communion of Doms – these are still my best friends.  “If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.” And through all these years, some of us falling in love, other graduating college, hopefully soon someone getting married (fingers-crossed for Melissa)  we still get it. I have realized only now from my travels elsewhere that this connection exists ONLY by the grace of God and its such a precious gift.  I’ll never forget how hard this hit me when I returned home from the middle-east. Everyone was so full of love, compassion and encouragement and genuine HUMOR and authenticity. The stark contrast from my isolation and fake friendships was very very real.

 I have not hesistated to literally say outloud in every moment this summer how much I love the unity in the Spirit. I guess, despite my utter desire to  not want to inernalize or emotionalize the “move”  – this post has to be in some part due to the fact that I know things won’t ever be “the same” but confident in the truth that it doesn’t really matter. Heaven is a reality, and we’ll have many perfect Bucks County nights up there together.

 It seems the closer we walk towards Him, the more perfected our Love is together  and that is an interesting people dynamic that few will ever get to witness. I have seen the mighty men of valour rise up like never before and lead with such vulnerability and strength just in these three weeks. Our group has changed, as life does change us, but despite all this – it still works. No chit-chat, no ill will, no awkward moments  just the most glorious connections with one another in Christ.   Nothing makes me believe in the power of God more than that. I see His Love pour through us and I can’t wait to see how he continues to take us to serve those and love on those OUTSIDE.

It seems that so many people (myself included) can get so negative and complaing about the current state of THE CHURCH – the service, and the attendance is down and the worshp is not engaging or whatever. For me, tonight was a very real fragment of what His Body is anyway. My reward is in Christ’s intimacy with me  but I see and feel it best through group times just like tonight. They literally make me assured that Christ is  alive (“He’s living on the inside of us, roaring like a lion”). I will never experiences this true connection between such different and dare I say strange people. We don’t logically fit together at all, but we do in Him.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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