Releasing my identity

So, every year if you are Wesley leadership you get to sign up for a ministry time, where students from Morningstar listen to the Lord and then speak encouragement to you.  The short 5 minute prayers and prophecies given to me by those students this year, have all come true with alarming precision and accuracy. They have guided me through alot of new paths this semester…

January 9, 2010 ~ what Jessica wrote in my journal as they spoke ~

“You are a woman of strength, beauty, majestic sense, rare, unique and powerful.

Alot of things have been laid in place and a match is about to be put on a pile of gas.

You are highly favored, blessed. You are his daughter, his princess. Pslams 103 will follow you, “He will crown  you with loving kindness.”

He wants to retore hurt (pain in your heart)

Hosea 6:1-5 is your verse,  you are going to have restoration to live in the presence of God.

You are interested in non-typical girl things. He is releasing your identity to you, He will lift you up.

You are a woman of compassion, you have a gift to restore people, you are a bringer of truth and a restorer of people’s hearts, specifically with woman. You have a gift of life and hope.”

The first thing Jessica talked to me about when we left the meeting, was how cool it was that the Lord was going to give me my identity. Honestly, I was slightly bothered as she talked how punped she was to see this . I felt that I already knew who I was. I am confident Katie, I know what I believe in and what I am. I’ve never felt like I needed to go on a path to self discovery. I remembered my past and loved my family and my life. I was passionate about what I was passionate, I knew what I loved and what I hated. Why did the Lord want to give me identity and even more, why was Jessica so excited about this particular portion of Morning Star’s word over me..

It wasn’t until Tuesday, 4/20, did He show me what He had in store. What I hadn’t take clear note of is that Morningstar didn’t tell me He was giving me a new identity, but rather “releasing my identity” to me.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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